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The team

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Vladislav Vladimirov: Co-Founder and Head of design. Vladi is our chief pixel pusher - it is his responsibility to implement your ideas on the screen and knit the layout of your website. Don't forget to ask him, if you are in doubt - his creativity will astonish you. Vladi never leaves a dead pixel behind.

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Georgi Momchilov: Co-Founder and Head of development. Georgi is our head geek - he will guide you through the deepest and darkest jungles of bits and algorithms. Your site's interactivity is his command. Georgi can divide by zero.

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Hristo Grigorov: Co-Founder and Head of client relations. Hristo is our chief chatterbox - he has the patience and attention of a watchmaker. It is his duty to translate each and every wish into a geeky blueprint which will guide the team throughout its crafting. Hristo never sleeps.

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Kaloyan Pavlov: Layout Knitter. Kiko is a designer - he loves challenges and will do the impossible to impress you with his innovative thinking and sharp intellect. Just throw him an idea and he will bite it to death until it turns into a masterpiece. Kiko lives in the fourth dimension.

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