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We can help you deliver your content and express yourself on the web. Our specialty is building and maintaining custom-tailored, fast and secure websites for human beings in a timely matter.


We specialize in building:

  • your "business card" websites - a simple website with static information about your company: about you, services, contacts information with an interactive map, showcases, etc.
  • your e-commerce solutions - a full-feature online shop with corresponding information about your business. We may deploy additional functionality like a blog or forum which add additional value to your site
  • your blog - weblogs have become very popular in the recent years. We can help you choose and skin the right solution for you
  • your dynamic content website - if your website will require frequent updates of the information, that's your right choice
  • you web application - these are sites which are more of an application than a design masterpiece.

You can have a look at the oval way of doing things.

Below you will find the elements which each well-built website should have.

Pencil - design iconOvalDesign - style is everything

There is no second chance to make a first impression. This is why it is so important that your website's look grabs the attention of a visitor at first glance. We make sure the way your website looks is resonant with the function of your website, whether it is trying to sell a product, convey an idea, educate or entertain.

Gears - development and operation iconOvalDevelopment - your site is a software application

Development means breathing soul and life in - so that your site lives and moves, even smiles. Even the most beautiful face will not have the charisma to make you stay on a page, if it is useless. Our development team will take care your space on the web is interactive and easy to use, our code ninjas will do all the weightlifting for your users, so that they feel comfortable, safe and have a pleasant experience on your site.

Server - hosting icon

OvalHosting - you sleep easier at night

Rackspace logoWe have had terrible headaches handling with all kinds of hosting companies - shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers - they come in all shapes and sizes but they all fail to keep their promise of 100% uptime and outstanding support. We have changed numerous providers and lost numerous opportunities because our clients got fed up even quicker than us. That is why we decided there was no place for compromise any longer - and we chose the world leader in hosting and support. What does this mean for you? It is simple - paying for a managed solution to our partners at Rackspace can be quite expensive for a business like yours. That is why we want to share our wonderful server with you, so we can split the price! You will get what we get but you can be sure you will get it from the Big Boss of Hosting. They tradermarked FanaticalSupport™ after all. Our offer?

  • 24x7x365 support by one of the the world's most trained support staff ( a Rackspace FanaticalSupport™ team )
  • we take care that all your site needs will be there
  • if something happens to your site, we will be the first to know and react immediately
  • low cost for such a high-end solution
  • peace of mind

Star - SEO rank iconOvalSEO - SEO is not just alt tags

According to Netcraft there are more than 230 million websites on the net. How can you make your site stand out in the crowd and get the traffic it deserves? One-time simple SEO practices can hardly help you reach your clients. And since we care about your business, we have developed a system to help you rank your site even better. We can:

  • help you choose and promote the keywords which are more likely to be picked by your customers,
  • give advice on how to write good content for your site,
  • develop interactive widgets which assist your clients in finding the products which best suit them,
  • handle your online advertising campaigns

- all this towards the goal of bringing more targeted traffic to your online business.

Man silhouette - maintenance team iconOvalMaintenance - A web site is a process

A website is a service, not a product. It is like a dearest offspring and requires permament attention, refreshing and polishing. We will take care your site grows and flourishes, will give it the face-lift it deserves and keep it in good shape so that you can show off to your partners and competitors.

Magic wand - do your stuff iconOvalize Me!

You already have a current website, but you are not completely satisfied with it. You might want to change the way it looks, but don't have an idea how, or to tweak the way it functions somehow, or decrease your load times, or maybe make it more popular... You may even not know what it is you want to change.

This is where "Ovalize Me" kicks in. All you have to do is contact us and request our recommendations for your site. We will have a good look at it, find the "ribbed" spots and contact you back with a list of recommended optimizations (ovalizations) that could be done. Then you can choose which you want done. Once ovalized, your site will roll on smoother than ever before!

Request a free demo

With this service you have nothing to risk or lose. If you are in doubt whether you will like the end result of what we can do for you, just make a request for a free demo. We will make a demo layout for you without any commitment from you. If you like it, you can decide to go with our services. Contact us for more information.

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